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An ultimate deterrent!

Sensible zones require a product that is designed to resist. Crash bollards and blockers from Speedgatz are exceptionally strong & resistant to impact and are designed as the ultimate deterrent against any forceful vehicular access

Tyre – Killer - HTK 6000

Flat/Hump Type

Axle Breaker

Stops 6.8 T truck at 64 km/hr

Road Blocker -HRB 6000

K4/K8/K 12 (PAS 68 Standard)

Crash Bollard -CRB 600/800

Stops 6.8 T truck at 48 km/h

Crash Barrier -SCB 6008

K4/K8 (PAS 68 Standard)

Axle Breaker- HAB -6000

Heavy Duty Blades

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Perimeter Protection

Tyre – Killer - HTK 6000

Flat/Hump Type

Road Blocker -HRB 6000

K4/K8/K 12 (PAS 68 Standard)

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Perimeter Protection


FAQ's for Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection System is deployed to prevent any unauthorized intrusion or forceful entry or exit of vehicles inside & outside of the premises. In today’s world, for prevention of heavy vehicular access intrusion we use advanced generation perimeter protection systems such as bollards, road blockers, tyre killers, crash barriers etc.

A bollard is a cylindrical pole which is used to obstruct intrusion of heavy vehicles inside the premises. Its impact resistance structure stops the vehicle at the point of hitting & stopping it without any further penetration.

An automatic bollard uses hydraulic pipes & pistons for the movement of the cylindrical structure obstructing any forceful entry of vehicles. The operations can be done with the help of push button, wireless remote control or access control system.

There are different types of bollards:-

  1. Fixed Bollard – This is a fixed cylindrical structure to block entry of vehicles in a specific area.
  2. Semi- Automatic Bollard- These type of bollards can be handled manually with the help of a lever or key for regulating the traffic movement when needed.
  3. Retractable Bollard – These are commonly known as automatic bollard and moves up & down while providing command to them.
  4. Crash Rated Bollards- These bollards are crash tested one and are manufactured in accordance with the impact & breaking resistance it possesses.

Road blocker is an alternate to Automatic Bollards which are placed to block forceful intrusion of four wheelers. These can be placed as per the width of the road so as to cover the whole area with a single MS housing frame work.

The use of tyre killer is same as of Road blocker to hinder the unauthorized forceful entry. It can be uni-directional or bi-directional in nature depending upon the requirements at site.The heavy duty spikes deflates the tyre of the vehicle while trying to enter forcefully.

Speedgatz Bollard’s resistance varies from Bollard to Bollard. It ranges from 6,85,000 Joules to 18,56,000 Joules.

Speedgatz perimeter protection provides advanced generation security & protects your premises from any vehicular intrusion threats.

Speedgatz provides most comprehensive product range of Vehicular, Pedestrian and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users.
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