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Pedestrian Access Management

One person at a time!

Pedestrian Access Management products ensure quick and controlled access into restricted areas. Integration of Speedgatz’s pedestrian access products with biometric equipment ensures automatic & quick clearance while keeping accurate entrance records.

SRF 2000

Retractable Flap

SFF- 2020

Swinging wings

SFF- 2060

Retractable Full Height Flap

STT -1000

Motorized /Non-Motorized tripod

STT -1020

Innovative Dual Base tripod

SPG- 4000

Extra wide walkway

SFHT 3000

Vandalism Proof design

SFHT 3020 D

Double Access design

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Pedestrian Access Management


FAQ's for Pedestrian Access Management

As the name itself describes, it’s for the pedestrians access. The pedestrian access management system allows only one person at a time to get an access on the installed system.
The operation usually occurs with the help of Access cards or the Biometric Systems integrated with the machine.

A turnstile is an electrically powered automatic gate that allows access of an authorized person with the rotation of arms . These are the gates that specialize to manage uni- directional or bi-directional human traffic mostly in corporate parks, industries, airports, malls, hotels etc.

There are different types of turnstile and which gets selected by the client as per the application and the aesthetics of the surrounding. The most popular turnstiles are Tripod Turnstile, & Full height turnstile.

A tripod turnstile is waist height turnstile with three revolving arms. These three revolving arms work as a pedestrian barrier and give access to the authorized person by rotating the tripod arms.

The full-height turnstile is a larger version of the waist-high turnstile similar in operation to a revolving door. The full-height turnstile eliminates someone jumping over the turnstile because of its extended height. The full height turnstile design also eliminates the possibility of someone crawling under the turnstile due to its floor-to-ceiling arm design, making it a great choice for high security applications to control against unauthorized entry or egress

A flap barrier is an electrically powered gate with glass, acrylic or polycarbonate panels. These glass panels meet in the middle adjoining two cabinets to form a pedestrian barrier.

There are different types of flap barrier: Retractable Flap Barrier, Swinging Wing Flap Barrier, Ultra Slim Swinging Barrier and the Retractable Full Height Flap Barrier. The flap barriers add wonderful aesthetic to the surrounding and provides seamless transition.

Speedgatz Pedestrian access management system is a wonderful choice for the users who wants to regulate the traffic flow of the pedestrians. The robust technology ensures efficient working of the system for the years to come. High MCBF leads to lower maintenance of the system & trouble-free operations.

The housing of the flap barrier & turnstiles are usually of SS-304 grade but it can be customized to SS-316 grade as per the client’s requirement.

Speedgatz provides most comprehensive product range of Vehicular, Pedestrian and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users.