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Automatic Boom Barrier

Make an access, only if authorized!

Stylish rising arm barrier from Speedgatz ensures smooth transit of vehicles in private and public areas. It is an ideal solution for regulating moderate to heavy traffic movements. Modern ability to integrate with all third party equipment makes it a wonderful choice for the users


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Automatic Boom Barrier


FAQ's for Automatic Boom Barrier

A boom barrier or a boom gate is an assembling of advanced mechanical systems integrated with electronic control board that regulates vehicular access and blocks any unauthorized access of vehicles from the checking point. Non crash rated boom barriers use aluminum boom arm in up & down direction to regulate the traffic flow. The operation of boom barrier can be done with the help of push button, wireless remote or an access control system.

An Automated boom barrier is operated with the help of RFID Readers (Long range readers) or Smart Card Readers (Short range readers) which provides access to the authorized holders of RFID Tags or Smart Cards. It is an unmanned system which eliminates the requirements of any manpower near the barrier.

Speedgatz automatic boom barriers is a specialized product needed to regulate vehicular access management at various checkpoints in industries, offices, corporate houses, residential areas, parking lots, toll tax plaza and many other locations.

Speedgatz automatic boom barrier provides benefits in many ways such as improved security, controlling the flow of traffic, eliminating extra manpower expenses, instant privacy, easy and quick vehicular access management solutions, efficient use of space. The integrated safety sensors or loop detectors helps in preventing any accidental damage while closing of the boom and also in providing automatic closing of the barrier once the vehicle has passed.

There are various models of Speedgatz boom barrier catering to the particular requirements of a site. The most popular models are SBB-3K, SBB-5K & SBB-7K.
It ranges from basic economic model to the elegant LED Model. The different specifications of each model provides the leverage to the client from choosing amongst the various models.

As the product is too robust with inclusion of heavy duty motors and with MCBF till 10 million cycles, the maintenance cost of Speedgatz Barriers are very less and can be easily afforded by anyone buying it.

Speedgatz provides most comprehensive product range of Vehicular, Pedestrian and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users.