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Parking Systems

A modern approach to urban mobility!

With a plethora of cars on the road, it gets bothersome to locate a parking spot every time we travel out. An advance parking system from Speedgatz helps the user to identify and reserve parking spots in advance. It also assists the management in generating substantial revenues & helps in keeping track of the number of vehicles parked in real-time along with the information of the traveller.


An Intelligent Dispenser


An Intelligent Informer


An Intelligent Guide


Encoded with the vehicle identity


FAQ's for Parking Systems

Smart parking system offers a comprehensive parking solution which leads to revenue generation besides counting the number of vehicles entering into the parking area with the help of advanced sensors & cameras. It also helps in locating a particular slot which is free or occupied.

Smart parking systems are very beneficial for parking areas. It helps in maximum optimization of space, reduces traffic, reduces pollution, enhances user experience, increases safety, decreases management cost and most importantly it smoothens the whole process in an effective and efficient way.

Smart parking system comprises of intelligent ticketing dispensing machine, intelligent guidance system, Vehicles detection and counting software and the cameras that help these sensors and software to manage parking with full efficiency.

Parking management system is a system which is used for revenue generation. The management of the entire parking tariffs & financial audits are done with the help of PMS Software. It is a comprehensive system providing end to end parking solution.

Speedgatz intelligent ticket dispenser is an automatic ticketing machine that dispenses a parking ticket as per the defined tariff. The use of high quality printer, barcode scanner , Smart card readers and other sensors helps in the operation of the system as per the site’s requirement.

Parking information system is an intelligent system that provides information about the parking occupancy. The number of available slots can be identified at each level of a multilevel or a basement parking.

Speedgatz parking intelligent informer is a unique system which integrates with the parking management software guiding the vehicles to reach the particular level where the slots are vacant. It eliminates the stress of the drivers to reach the particular parking level.

A parking guidance system increases your parking processing speed by guiding customers to the particular vacant bays.

Speedgatz Intelligent Guidance System works with ultrasonic sensors with integrated led lights. It directs a vehicle to the particular slot which is vacant with the help of Red & Green LED Lights. The directional displays also help the driver to locate the exact slot of its placement.

Speedgatz RF Park Solution is the solution which has been designed with the help of RFID Readers to get an authorized access without any manual intervention and also to count the number of vehicles entering the premises.

It is a Radio frequency Identification device which is used to gather information from the RFID tag issued to the authorized vehicles & to help in identifying the vehicles so as to grant access to them.

RFID tag is a sticker that comprises of a chip and an antenna for wireless connectivity and identification of an object on which it is attached.

Speedgatz provides most comprehensive product range of Vehicular, Pedestrian and Parking solutions to residential, commercial & industrial users.
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