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Parking Management System


As more and more cities are marching towards urbanization, there is high need for a better  and more efficient Parking  Management Systems. Heavy Traffic flow can be streamlined with the help of this system & can be an excellent medium for revenue generation.

An ideal parking management system is a well-integrated software and hardware solution – this is the most difficult part when it comes to a modern, smart parking management system. Because mostly solution providers are either hardware or software specialists.

INTELLIPARK from Speedgatz , a sound parking system in both ways gives a delighted feeling to the visitors accessing the parking area.

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INTELLIPARK Parking System has following elements:

» Entry Ticket Dispenser with Automatic Barrier – For easy disposal of Parking tickets.

» Manned payment collection system at exit – Comprises of Personal computer, barcode scanner, user fee display, Receipt printer.

» Exit Ticket Reader with Automatic Barrier– Reading of tickets paid for at the manual cash-desk and reading of proximity/smart cards.

» Parking Management Software-For Various Report generations, Activation/deactivation of cards, Management & audit purpose.

» Automatic Cash desk (if unmanned)– Users tariff Payment, renewal of cards etc.