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Parking Guidance System



In today’s crowded urban landscape, it has become very difficult as well as stressful to find a suitable parking space for one’s vehicle. Expensive and inconvenient parking lots oftentimes causes many drivers to choose to park on-street which leads to traffic congestion, car emissions and frustration. Trying to park in parking facilities can also become a hassle if they are particularly congested during busy days, which leads to cruising cars within the facilities and causes further congestion.

An Occupark Guidance System from Speedgatz is an effective guidance system which helps to guide the incoming vehicles towards the vacant spaces in a fast and convenient way.

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How It works ?

  • It utilizes ultrasonic detectors to sense the occupancy of a parking lot and occupancy is indicated by a red/green signal indicator.
  • Bay indicators are mounted on the ceiling above each space and are equipped with extra bright LED’s
  • Indicating the status of the parking space (vacant occupied reserved).
  • These sensors are connected to zonal controllers and zonal controllers are connected to OCCUPARK server through a Master controller in between. Master controller also connects the LED VMS displays to display the parking availability information.
  • Immediate report on car park occupancy
  • Guides the user quickly and efficiently to a free space inside the car park.

Advantages of implementing an OCCUPARK Guidance System:

  • The system can substantially increase turnover in busy car parks by quickly and easily guiding customers to vacant bays.
  • Minimizing circulation and parking times as well as significantly reducing customer frustration and stress.
  • Enhancing smooth traffic flow
  • Lower Maintenance cost
  • Lowers Emission rate and pollution
  • Full proof solution for on street as well as off street parking
  • Generation of statistical reports whenever needed

Application areas of such solution includes:

  • Hotels
  • Parking facilities
  • Malls
  • Commercial Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Government facilities
  • Sports complexes
  • Data centres
  • Educational Institutions
  • Airports etc.

OCCUPARK Guidance System have different elements:

  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • LED indicators
  • Zone ,Floor & Master Controllers
  • PGS Software
  • Mobile App for parking slot pre booking, navigation etc.

  • Signs : Inform and direct users to the floor or area with the most free spaces.
  • Sensors: Detect when a car enters or leaves.
  • Signals:Communicate status of parking space