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Road Blocker -HRB 6000


Speedgatz High security road blockers are designed to prevent unauthorized access of vehicles to a area which is secured. These are electro-hydraulically operated blockers which rises above the ground to stop and damage the vehicle if trying to enter forcefully. The blockers are designed in such a way that it has ability to resist high impact. The blockers have an option of manual override in case of any power failure. Designed as per the International crash rating standard K-4(M-30), K-8 (M-40) & K-12 ( M-50).The operations of Road Blocker can be through a Push button, Wireless Remote control or with any access control system.

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The Application areas of such blockers includes areas of high security concerns:

  • Nuclear Power Plant
  • Government Facilities
  • Sports Complexes
  • Recreational Areas
  • Airports
  • Embassies
  • Hotels

Blocker Physical Characteristics :

Model HRB- 6000
Drive Unit Hydraulic (HPU)
Blocking width 2000- 6000mm
Blocking Height 800-1200 mm
Axle Load 35 tonnes
Opening time 3-4 sec (Adjustable)
Closing time 3 sec  (Adjustable)
EFO time 1.5-2 sec
IP Rating IP 67
Power Supply 3 Phase 415 V ,50 W
Impact Resistance 1850 KJ (Varies as per the rating)
Duty Cycle 100%
Operating Temperature in Celsius -40 + 70
Working Pressure 40-60 Bar
Compatibility With all Kind of Access Control & Security Systems
  • Loop Detector
  • Key-switch override
  • Hydraulic Accumulator
  • Flashing light
  • Traffic Light
  • Safe Beam Sensor
  • Remote Control
  • Siren